5 reasons to choose a freelance graphic and web designer:


5 reasons to choose a freelance graphic and web designer:

Reason #1: Price

Freelance Graphic Designers & Web Designers have lower overheads compared to larger design agencies and therefore can provide cost savings to clients. However, although the design fees may be cheaper, they are able to offer high-quality services (as demonstrated in the portfolio).

Reason #2: Customer Service

By comparison, freelancers operate with a smaller selection of clients, and therefore, build long-term, closely knit relationships with you. This allows us to fully understand your business, and provide a service that is second to none. Freelancers don’t employ account managers, so you deal directly with your designer, and have their direct line.

Reason #3: Design Quality

When choosing a freelance graphic designer or web designer, you are able to check their credentials on LinkedIn, and other social networks to find out who you are doing business with. This is an extremely genuine and personal commercial relationship, and one which is extremely valuable to businesses of all sizes.

Reason #4: My 5 Commitments

As a freelance designer myself, I have 5 commitments that I make to my clients:

#1 I promise to respond quickly to your questions, amendment requests and enquiries.

#2 I promise to take the time to understand your individual business, become familiar with the issues you face, and create the best possible design solutions to help you.

#3 I promise to provide you with a highly personalised and VIP service as standard. Due to me keeping a small selection of clients, I am able to offer this high level of service to you.

#4 I promise to offer face to face meetings to discuss all projects, questions and support queries at my Shropshire office (or Skype Video if you’re not local!).

#5 I promise to act with utmost discretion and total confidentiality upon request and endeavour to provide the highest protection against security breaches.

Reason #5: New Ideas

I firmly believe that freelance designers who are fresh to the industry, bring great ideas to your business’ marketing, branding and promotions. In addition, the freelancer that you choose is often experiencing the same challenges as you, and therefore can efficiently advise the best way that design can help achieve your goals.

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