Business cards in a digital world


Business cards in a digital world

In a digital world, where business increasingly takes place online and via social media networks, some may believe that the traditional business card is dead. With the rise of website design and search engines, it’s easier to find the address or telephone number for many businesses without a business card. This suggests that the traditional function of the business card may be redundant.

Sarah Brooks of Successful Blog believes that ensuring you have your own, professionally produced business card is still very important. “Business cards put a face to a business. When meeting someone new, handing them your business card will help keep your business in the back of their minds.” Commercial Printer Shaun Caldwell goes a step further, stating “business cards have no downtime. They’re always accessible and never have dead zones or internet outages.”

We believe that there is a possible shift in the purpose behind a business card. Business cards contribute to your potential customers’ perception of you, your business and in turn, influences their decision whether to become your customer. The card’s original purpose of being a record of contact details becomes secondary, and instead the emphasis is upon the quality, feel and tone of the business that the card presents.

We are confident that the business card is very much alive. Having a well-designed business card, printed well onto a premium paper stock can help make a great impression at networking events and business meetings. We feel that the business card now represents the values of your business and is no longer solely a tool to record contact details.

To date, we have designed and printed many thousands of premium business cards for our clients, in Wolverhampton, the Midlands, and across the world. Our business cards are priced from £19.99 and offer an affordable solution to all businesses. We offer free UK delivery to any UK Mainland address, and offer competitive artwork rates. We also offer personalised delivery services for businesses in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.

Ollie Cox is an award winning brand identity designer who always recommends and promotes the importance of well designed and printed business cards in a modern business-place. He feels that it has become more important to ensure that your business stationery is well designed and printed in order to make the correct impression and grow your business.

SHP by Ollie Cox | Freelance Logo Design Wolverhampton

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