The changing practice of SEO.

The changing practice of SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has long been a game of tactics, tricks and stuffing of keywords, but things have recently changed, for the better.

SEO is the practice of tailoring the content of your website to ensure it ranks highly in search engine result pages (SERPS). Some SEO consultants previously had a number of ‘tricks up their sleeves’ to fool Search Engines into thinking websites were more valid than their competitors and therefore rank higher.

Google’s ranking algorithm saw one of it’s biggest changes in February (2015) and now focuses on the quality of the website, and its content. This has had a dramatic impact on the industry and the place that SEO now has within the digital services sector.

Some may argue that SEO is now dead, and now the quality of the websites content and design is now key. “Historically, the SEO industry has emphasised the technicalities, such as stuffing in lots of keywords, link-building and other web coding refinement” says Cedric Chambaz, international marketing director at Bing Ads. “SEO is now reaching a mature phase; and is more balanced between content and user experienced” (as quoted in a recent Sunday Times Article). This now provides an ever more important and ongoing role for web designers and developers, to ensure that websites are well designed, to maximise search engine rankings.

Google has now begun to score the most user friendly and well designed websites through their ‘ranking factor’ index. One of the key ranking factors is whether a website is responsive or mobile friendly. Clear evidence that mobile friendliness is a key consideration, in addition to the quality and design of the content.

Ollie Cox Design is taking a very positive and direct approach to SEO by ensuring that all of our websites are mobile friendly and optimised to work responsively across all devices. In addition, all of our websites are compliant with the latest coding standards, and offer fast loading speeds. In an ever increasing digital marketplace, businesses that are not found on Search Engines are missing a significant audience. When designing websites, we focus on ensuring that the design, functionality and technical performance of your website is optimised to offer the best user experience.


This post has been written by Ollie Cox, a leading graphic designer and web designer based on the Midlands / Shropshire border in Wolverhampton. We work with a growing number of start-up, SME and established businesses across the country to assist with marketing, design and website requirments. For a free, no obligation consultation, please call 01902 213 670.

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