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Bespoke Design

I am an experienced freelance web designer with experience of working with a wide range of organisations from large nationals, to one man bands. I create your website from scratch to ensure that it is individually tailored to your unique business, after all, every business is different. I begin by understanding your objectives and the purpose to your website, and advice how we can meet these goals. I then create a set of style sheets which give a flavour of design styling. I then create a wider set of web pages and explore mobile friendly versions. This keeps you involved in the design process and ensures that the final design meets your expectations.

Flexible Specifications

I believe that every website should have unique styling, features, specifications and user experiences to represent your USPs and companies brand. I therefore offer a very flexible approach to site specifications to customise the services I offer to match your requirements. This ensures that your website is effective, worthwhile, and meets your objectives.

First Class Service

I am committed to providing my clients with a first-class, VIP design service as standard. I respond to customer service tickets quickly, and offer free consultations at my office to ensure I understand projects before they begin. Unlike some agencies, my clients are in direct communication with the designer (me!) and, therefore, the project process is more efficient. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation at my Shropshire office.

Website Features and Benefits

Wordpress CMS Websites

I design bespoke website user interfaces for your business that are built on the WordPress CMS Platfrom for hassle-free ongoing maintenance, updates and SEO improvments.

Mobile Friendly, Responsive Design

All my websites are optimised for mobiles and tablets, 100% responsive, and comply with Google's recent algorithm update to rank according to mobile accessibility.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Like all good freelancers, I consider SEO and how well your website will rank on search engines when building every site, and shall advise you of best practices to maximise performance on Google.

Flexible Prices

I tailor my prices to suit your project and create a personalised proposal for you. I have a set of guide prices, but feel it is better to give you an individual quote for your requirments and specifications.


Benefits of a WordPress Website:

The key benefits of a bespoke WordPress website are as follows:


  • They can be easily edited by you at the end of the design process. This often includes changing some text elements, updating the blog and changing images in the gallery. This is opposed to static brochure websites where content cannot be edited by you at the end of the design process.
  • WordPress sites are designed to hold a large amount of pages and are built using a template system allowing extra pages to be added more efficiently.
  • They have the option of integrating tools to allow more advanced Search Engine Optimised features which help you to rank higher on Google.
  • WordPress website are built on a database making them a better option for managing large amounts of content, such as a product showcases, portfolio of work, testimonials, and many other items.

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Ollie is an experienced Freelance Web Designer from Wolverhampton who offers a fully integrated design service for clients including graphic design, logo design, branding, print products and signage.

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