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About Ollie’s Brand Identity Design Service

Freelance Logo Designer

I design logos, create colour schemes, layout your business cards & more.
Branding is the shop-window of every business, ever important in a virtual world that exists in the digital age. A successful branding system can drive your business forward, and expand your customer base.

Bespoke Design

I can provide a wide range of bespoke logo design and branding solutions for all sizes of organisations on almost any budget. From sole-traders to SMEs; I can help.

The brand identity system consists of a very wide range of touchpoints which a business uses to communicate to customers and other key stakeholders. I can design bespoke solutions for every aspect of the identity spectrum.

I believe that there is nothing more important than having a well-designed suite of printed brand collateral to ensure a clear and professional message is given to your customers.

Clear Pricing

It is often challenging to create a price for a logo design, and often there is more to the task than designing ‘the logo’! I therefore take a very flexble approach to pricing, and offer a pay-as-you-go rate, a fixed price option, or a package price with a website.

First Class Service

I am committed to providing my clients with a first-class, VIP design service as standard. I respond to customer service tickets quickly, and offer free consultations at my office to ensure I understand projects before they begin. Unlike some agencies, my clients are in direct communication with the designer (me!) and, therefore, the project process is more efficient. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation at my Shropshire office.

SHP Turkey by Ollie Cox | Freelance Graphic and Web Designer from Wolverhampton

About Ollie

Freelance Logo Designer in Wolverhampton

Ollie is an experienced Freelance Logo Designer from Wolverhampton who offers a fully integrated design service for clients including website design, logo design, branding, print products and signage.

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